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Hello and welcome to my website My name is Dave Hindman.  I am a California License plates Reseller and Collector.  I Purchase and Sell California License Plates that can be registered to your vehicle as Year of manufacture (Y.O.M.).  The State of California allows you to register License Plates on your vehicle from 1905 to 1962* as long as the year of registration for the vehicle and the year of the plates match.


  Dave Hindman
256 N. Alamo
Vacaville, CA 95688
(707) 448-8942
(707) 448-3842


You can see my item's that I have for sale at future Swap Meets and Car Shows.

For future License plate meets and license plate information check out www.licenseplates.cc


* For updated info on registration for Cars from 1963-1969 and Commercial vehicles from 1963-1972

please check California DMV website.


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