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Year of Manufacture (YOM) Plates

YOM Plates are any officially manufacture California License plates which are at least 25 years old and plates on a currently registered vehicle or trailer of a correspoding model year. Kit cars of vintage automobiles do not qualify for YOM plates. Base year plates must have the appropriate year validation sticker attached to be authenticated as other than base year (e.g., 1956 plate with a 1958 sticker = 1958 plate).

The last year eligible for YOM plates is 1962

Vehicles registered with Yom plates have full operating privileges. YOM plates must be supplied by the vehicle owner and be authenticated by DMV personnel. The department does not have year model information for all historical vehicles; therefore, it is the YOM applicant's responsibility to prove year model of vehicle described in the application.

Effective July 1, 1989, YOM plates may be retained with no requirement for current registration provided that a $20 retention fee is paid.

Application requirements are as follows:

1. Complete the Application for YOM License Plates (REG. 352). This for may also be used for YOM plate retention.

2. Submit YOM plates for authentication by DMV employee.

3. Fees

a. Registration fee

b. Vehicle License fee and weight fee (if any)

c. $35 YOM plate fee

d. Other fees may be due

4. Surrender current plates


License number must not be currently assigned to any type vehicle, motorcycle, etc.

Once a YOM application is completed, a special black metal sticker well will be mailed from headquarters for displaying expiration sticker. A PFR sticker, which show both the month and year of expiration, will accompany the sticker well bolts either above or below the YOM plate. The sticker well along with your new registration will be mailed out in approximately 30 days.

* For updated info on registration for Cars from 1963-1969 and Commercial vehicles from 1963-1972

please check California DMV website.


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